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ZRIN-D51 NRS DIN3352 F5 Flanged Gate Valves

DIN3352 is the production standard of the German standard valve, which includes metal sealing valves and soft sealing valves.

F4 is the face-to-face length of the German standard valve, which is included in the DIN3202 standard, and the corresponding is F5. In contrast, the F4 structure length is shorter than the length of F5.

NRS is a Non-Rising Stem, which refers to a Non-Rising gate valve. The Non-Rising gate valve is also referred to as a rotary gate valve, which is rotated during the opening and closing process. The handwheel drive the valve stem rotation, the valve stem is driven up and down, and the switching process is completed. When the non-rising gate valve is opened, the valve stem is only rotating, there is no action of up and down.

ZRIN-D51 NRS DIN3352 F4 Flanged Gate Valves Dimensions

Dimensions in inches and millimetres

NRS DIN3352 F4 Flanged Gate Valves VS Metal Seated Gate Valves

1. Material:

Both NRS DIN3352 F4 Flanged Gate Valves and Metal seated gate valves' body material can be CI/DI/WCB/SS

2. Pressure:

The NRS DIN3352 F4 Flanged Gate Valves pressure is PN10/16, Metal seated gate valves pressure can be Class125/150, PN10/16,5K/10K/16K

3. Range of Applications (Similarity and Difference):

Stardard:DIN 3352-F5

Face to face:DIN 3202/F5,Flange drill according to DIN2501

Connection flange type:DIN standard

4. Installation (Difference):

NRS DIN3352 F4 Flanged Gate Valves need fire protection at high temperatures, not suitable for high pressure or corrosive medium environment.  

ZRIN-D51 NRS DIN3352 F4 Flanged Gate Valves FAQs

Q 1. Which is Better, a Gate Valve or Ball Valve?

Ball valves are more effective at forming a tight seal and have more reliability and longevity than gate valves, but tend to be more expensive. They are often used for shutoff and control applications. Because ball valves can open and close immediately, they are more likely than gate valves to cause water hammers.

Q 2. What is the Warranty Period of Your Gate Valves?

Generally, the warranty period is one year.

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