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ZMIO-D51 O.S.&Y. DIN3352 F5 Flanged Gate Valves

DIN3352 is the production standard of the German-labeled valve, which includes metal sealing valves and soft sealing valves.

F5 is the face-to-face length of the German standard valve, which is included in the DIN3202 standard, and the corresponding is F4. In contrast, the F5 structure length is longer than the length of the F4, The Non-rising gate valve is also referred to as a lifting rod gate valve, which is up and down together during the opening and closing process. The handwheel drives the valve stem nut to rotate, and the nut is rotated to drive the valve rod up and down. The valve stem is not turned.

ZMIO-D51 O.S.&Y. DIN3352 F5 Flanged Gate Valves Dimensions

Dimensions in inches and millimetres

O.S.&Y. DIN3352 F5 Flanged Gate Valves VS AWWA

1. Material:

Both O.S.&Y. DIN3352 F5 Flanged Gate Valves and AWWA gate valve can be CI/DI/WCB/SS

2. Pressure:

O.S.&Y. DIN3352 F5 Flanged Gate Valves pressure can be PN10/16. AWWA ductile iron body gate valve pressure can be Class125/150

3. Range of Applications (Difference):

Stardard:DIN 3352

Facing: RF,FF

4. Installation (Similarity and Difference):

O.S.&Y. DIN3352 F5 Flanged Gate Valves should be used with DIN standard pipeline system; Both gate valves are bolted to the pipe end.

ZMIO-D51 O.S.&Y. DIN3352 F5 Flanged Gate Valves FAQs

Q 1. How Does a Gate Valve Work?

By rotating the manual handle, the threaded stem moves the gate up and down. As the wedge goes up it opens and down it closes the media flow.

Q 2. is Gate Valve a Control Valve?

No. Gate valves are designed for fully open or fully closed service. They can not be used as control valves. Using a gate valve to regulate the medium is likely to cause damage to the seats or wedge

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