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What Are the Advantages of Stainless Steel Flanged Gate Valves?

Nowadays, stainless steel flanged gate valve has been widely used in the industrial field. It is a very good stainless steel product, and its advantages are particularly prominent compared with other materials, especially in terms of media applicability, the superiority of stainless steel flanged gate valve is unmatched by other materials. Of course, in addition to this, its advantages are mainly reflected in the following aspects.

Understanding of stainless steel flanged gate valve

Stainless steel flanged gate valve belongs to one type of valve. It has a relatively simple structure, consisting of valve body, valve cover, gate, and gate stem, and adopts stainless steel material. The valve seat sealing surface is made of PTFE, stainless steel + hard alloy or surfacing hard alloy, and the filling material is generally made of hard alloy, PTFE, asbestos graphite, or flexible graphite. It is suitable for nitric acid, weakly corrosive medium pipelines for water, oil, steam, acid, alkali, ammonia, urea, sulfur-containing natural gas and other media.

Advantages of stainless steel flanged gate valve

  • Stainless steel gate valve flange type has various types and standards, so it can be selected according to different needs, which can play a good role in any project. It can adopt various piping flange standards and flange sealing surface forms to meet various engineering needs and user requirements. The upper sealing filler adopts flexible PTFE, which is reliable and easy to operate.

  • Flanged ball valve is safe and reliable, and the operation is also relatively convenient and flexible. It does not require too much maintenance because the probability of failure is relatively low.

  • The gate has a gate knife function, which is of great benefit to clear debris in the interrupted medium. It can effectively cut off various debris in the medium.

  • The structure of the gate is set reasonably, and the length is short, so it is very convenient to install and disassemble.

  • Flanged gate valve is very convenient to use. It adopts a wedge elastic gate structure. The friction during use is relatively small, and the opening and closing are very flexible and convenient.

It can be seen that the advantages of stainless steel flanged gate valve are very prominent. However, there are many flanged gate valve equipments on the market, and the quality of products from different manufacturers is different. Some small manufacturers choose inferior materials to save costs, and the production process is not up to standard. The equipment produced in this way will encounter many problems during use. Therefore, everyone must choose flanged gate valves from large manufacturers. If there are any problems during use, they can also contact the manufacturer for solutions. The flange sold is a component used to connect the end of the pipe or the inlet and outlet of the equipment for connecting two devices. As one of the professional flange manufacturers and suppliers, we provide high-quality and different types of flange sales.

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