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How to Debug and Choose Flanged Gate Valve?

Ⅰ. How to debug flanged gate valve?

In order to make the flanged gate valve better used in various industries, we need to conduct a variety of debugging of the actuator of the flanged gate valve, so as to make the flanged gate valve better used, so how should we conduct debugging? Let's talk about it.

After the electric actuator and valve are assembled, the torque controller, stroke controller and opening indicator must be adjusted respectively before they can be used.

Before adjustment, it is necessary to check whether the potentiometer on the opening indicator has been opened (the potentiometer shaft gear set screw can be loosened) to prevent damage; Check the motor rotation, control line is correct, in case of motor out of control.

The electric actuator is divided into proportional type and integral type according to the control mode. The proportional type actuator is composed of electric servo amplifier and integral type actuator.

It can compare the control signal of the system with the feedback signal about the position of the output shaft (closed-loop control) to change the stroke of the output shaft to make it proportional to the input signal.

The integral actuator is composed of a servo motor, a reducer and a position transmitter, which can cooperate with the electric operator to achieve remote operation of valves or other regulating mechanisms.

The automatic control system using electric actuator with SWP intelligent operator can realize the control system "automatic" - "manual" working state switch without disturbance.

The electric actuator is safe and reliable, easy to install, debug, operate and maintain. It is widely used in energy, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials and other industries, and plays an important role in industrial process measurement and control system.

Ⅱ. How to choose flanged gate valve?

Now many places will be applied to the flanged gate valve, but because the quality of the flanged gate valve on the market is uneven, so people's choice will have problems, so how should you choose?

1. Select according to the effect

We believe that the purchase of flanged gate valve will be concerned about the treatment effect, if not after the purchase of high efficiency work, that is, did not play to its due function.

It's believed that we will not choose to buy such equipment, so when you buy it, you must choose from the treatment effect of the equipment. In order to deal with the effect better, it is recommended to buy the equipment produced by big brands.

2. Choose by brand

Choose flanged gate valves you should start from the brand, after all, this equipment needs to be used every day, so the quality of flanged gate valves is very high.

This requires the purchase of equipment produced by big brands, so that the quality of such equipment can be guaranteed. Of course, there is no need to buy expensive brand products. The specific brand to buy should also be carried out according to the actual budget.

3. Good after-sales service

The purchase of flanged gate valve in addition to considering the actual use effect and brand, should also be purchased from the aspect of after-sales service, this thing will appear during the use of this or that problem, it is recommended to buy good after-sales service, so that the use will be more guaranteed.

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