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ANSI Flange

A flange is a projecting disc-shaped collar or rim on an object for locating or strengthening it or for attaching it to another object. Flanges are used for making connections for piping

ANSI refers to the American National Standards Institute, founded in 1918.

At first, it were commonly called ANSI flanges such as ANSI B16.5, but afterward, ANSI was replaced by ASME. ASME B16.5 is relatively mature and widely used, and it is upgraded to the national standard after review by the technical committee.

ANSI Flange VS ASME Flange

1. Material (Similarity):

The flanges of (ANSI standard and ASME flange) are made of carbon steel, stainless steel as well as alloy steel.

2. Design Pressure (Similarity):

Both the ANSI flanges and ASME flanges pressure are 150LBS/300LBS/400LBS/600LBS/900LBS.

3. Type & Facing (Similarity):

Type: Slip-on, Weld Neck, Blind, Lap Joint, Socket Weld, Threaded.           

Facing: RF,FF,RTJ

4. Installation (Similarity):

The ANSI flange is identical to ASME flanges

ANSI Flange FAQs

Q What Are the Main Features of Flange Connection?

The main features of flange connection are easy disassembly, high strength, and good sealing performance. During the installing, the two flanges are required to be parallel, the sealing surface of the flange should not be damaged and it should be cleaned. 

Q How to Inquiry Flanges?

It is best to describe as specific as you can. Details about flanges are including type(SO, WN, TH, BL, SW,LP, etc.), material, pressure, facing( RF, FF, RTJ, ect.), standard and quantity, for example, 2” ASTM A105 SO flange, Class 150, RF, ANSI B16.5

Q How Long is the Warranty Time for Flanges?

Generally, our warranty time for flanges is 12 months

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