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Precautions for Using the Flanged Gate Valves

If we do not pay attention to the relevant matters in the process of using the flange gate valve, it may cause damage to the flange gate valve. The following are the precautions for the use of flanged gate valves.

Ⅰ. What are the precautions for using flanged gate valves?

Before using flanged gate valves, clean piping and body overflow with water to prevent residual iron and other debris from entering body cavity. Flange gate valve in the closed state, there is still some residual medium in the valve body, but also under a certain pressure.

Before overhauling the flanged gate valve, close the shut-off valve in front of the ball valve, open the ball valve to be overhauled, and completely release the internal pressure of the valve body. If it is an electric ball valve or flanged gate valve, the power supply and air supply should be disconnected first.

2. If the flanged end gate valve is cleaned, the solvent used must not conflict with the accessories to be cleaned and not corrode. When cleaning, thoroughly clean the residual dust, oil and other attachments.

If it cannot be cleaned with clean water, it can be cleaned with alcohol and other cleaning agents in a targeted manner without damaging the flange gate valve and parts. After the cleaning is completed, wait for the cleaning agent to completely evaporate before assembling.

3. When disassembling and assembling the flanged ball valve, the bolts and nuts on the flange should be fixed first, and then all the nuts should be tightened slightly, and then fixed firmly. For example, the individual nuts should be forcibly fixed first, and then other nuts should be fixed. Due to uneven force, the pad surface will be damaged or ruptured, resulting in the leakage of the medium at the joint of the valve flange.

4. Long-term open storage will cause the body and parts of the flanged gate valve to corrode and fail to operate normally. Flanged gate valves should be stored rain proof, water proof, moisture proof, and the flange cover tightly. Valves stored for more than 12 months should be retested when in use to ensure stable performance.

Ⅱ. The difference between flanged gate valves and ordinary gate valves

Ordinary gate valves are mainly used to connect or cut off the medium in the pipeline, not for regulating the medium flow. The gate valve is suitable for a wide range of pressure, temperature and diameter, especially for medium and large diameter pipelines.

The difference between flange gate valve and ordinary gate valve is that flange gate valve quality is good, durable, easy to install, but the price is higher, generally used for large pipelines.

Ordinary gate valves are mostly used in places with small diameters and easy replacement. Generally, flanged gate valves with a diameter of more than 50, inspection wells, main pipelines, trenches, etc., must use flanged gate valves, which are easy to operate and easy to replace.

Flange gate valve also has a very perfect practical effect in the actual application, and achieve a very wide range of applications with better adaptability.

The current flange gate valve product features also reach the high-end practical l degree, and it is very convenient to use in various environmental conditions because of its strong adaptability.

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