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Maintenance Methods and Characteristics of Flanged Gate Valves

Ⅰ. How should the maintenance of the flanged gate valves be carried out?

When the flanged gate valve is repaired, it is necessary to learn the relevant methods. If not, it should be carried out by professionals, otherwise it will easily lead to the damage of the flanged gate valves. Let's take a look at the maintenance knowledge of the flanged gate valves.

First remove the pressure before and after the ball valve, and then the ball valve can be disassembled and differentiated. When the ball valve body is reinstalled, it is necessary to tighten the bolts symmetrically, gradually and evenly.

The cleaning agent should be compatible with the rubber parts, plastic parts, metal parts and working medium (such as gas) in the flanged gate valve ball valve. When the working medium is gas, the metal parts can be cleaned with gasoline, and the non-metal parts can be cleaned with pure water or alcohol.

The differentiated individual parts can be cleaned by dipping. Non-metallic parts should be removed from the cleaning agent immediately after cleaning, and should not be soaked for a long time.

After cleaning, it needs to be installed after the cleaning agent on the wall to be washed has evaporated (it can be wiped with a silk cloth not soaked in the cleaning agent), but it should not be put on hold for a long time, otherwise it will rust and be polluted by dust.

The new parts also need to be cleaned before installation. When installing the flanged gate valve, no metal debris, fibers, grease (regularly used), dust, other impurities, foreign objects, etc. should be polluted, adhered or stayed on the surface of the parts or into the lumen.

Ⅱ. What are the characteristics of flanged gate valve products?

Flanged end gate valve is the most mature on-off valve in the world and is widely used. I believe that many people still do not understand a lot about flanged gate valves. The following is an analysis of the characteristics of flanged gate valves. We believe everyone can better understand flanged gate valves.

1. flanged gate valve does not need maintenance, adjustment and lubrication, easy installation, low operating cost, long-term reliable operation, surface spraying plastic technology, beautiful color, no external leakage, etc. The valve body is welded, making the valve light and easy to insulate, and the adjustment mechanism is very simple. The operating handle can be detached and flipped.

2. Since the valve seat is composed of carbon fiber reinforced PTFE sealing ring and disc spring, it has strong adaptability to changes in pressure and temperature, and will not produce any sliding discharge in the pressure and temperature range on the label.

3. There are advanced computer detection and tracking detection in the process of sphere processing, so the processing accuracy of steel balls is high.

4. Since the material of the flanged gate valve body is the same as that of the pipeline, there will be no uneven stress, the pipeline will not be deformed due to earthquakes and vehicles passing through the ground, and the pipeline is resistant to aging.

5. Large-diameter flanged gate valve, equal-diameter variable-diameter channel, fixed ball floating ball, double piston sealing system, automatic control, injection sealant type bearing.

6. In order to prevent static electricity, steel balls and springs are installed between the valve stem and the ball and between the valve stem and the stuffing box, which can maintain the conduction of all parts of the lined ball valve and the valve body, and discharge static electricity in the area where the current passes. To prevent both fire and corrosion, temporary cutting is required for timely maintenance.

7. The valve stem anti-drop function is due to the total force generated by the valve stem affected by the pressure in the valve, so the design of the flanged gate valve stem is to prevent the structure from disconnecting.

8. Use a low-friction thrust washer to push the pressure onto the valve stem so that the valve stem only acts as a torque transmission.

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