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3 Way Flanged Ball Valve

The three-way ball valve has T-type and L-type. The T-type can make three orthogonal pipelines interconnected and cut off the third channel, from diversion, and flow. L Three-way ball valve type can only connect two pipelines orthogonal, and cannot maintain the mutual communication of the third pipe at the same time, only the allocation effect.

3 Way Flanged Ball Valve Specifications


Flanged Ball Valve VS Threaded Ball Valve

1. Material:

The body material of the flanged ball valve can be Gray Iron, Ductile Iron, Cast Steel, Stainless Steel. The body material of the threaded ball valve can be CF8, CF8M, CF3M

2. Pressure (Similarity):

The pressure of the flanged ball valve is Class 150/300/600/900, PN10/16/25/40/63,5K/10K/16K. The pressure of threaded ball valve is 200WOG/800WOG/1000WOG/1500WOG/2000WOG

3. Range of Applications (Difference):

Stardard: ANSI CLASS 125/150, DIN 3202 PN10/16,JIS 5K,10K

4. Installation (Difference):

The flanged end ball valve needs to be bolted to the flange end of the piping system, the threaded ball valve needs to be directly connected to the matching male or female threaded ends.

3 Way Flanged Ball Valve FAQs

Q What Are the Types of 3 Way Flanged Ball Valve?

The flanged three-way ball valve has T type and L type. The T type can connect three orthogonal pipelines with each other and cut off the third channel, which can split and merge. The L-shape can only connect two orthogonal pipes. It cannot maintain the third pipe to communicate with each other at the same time. It only plays a role in distribution.

Q What Are the Features of 3 Way Flanged Ball Valve?

(1) Compact structure, rapid opening and closing, unobstructed flow channel, and low fluid resistance.

(2) Convenient maintenance. After the system is depressurized, inspection and maintenance can be carried out without dismantling the entire valve body.

(3) Good sealing performance. The elastic deformation of the four-sided valve seat material PTFE is used to achieve leak-free sealing.

(4) One valve for multiple purposes. Any port can be used as an inlet without leakage. The three ports can be made into L-shaped ports or T-shaped ports.

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