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Introduction and Advantages of Wafer Type Valve

The wafer type valve is a type of valve that connects with a clamp type butterfly valve and is one of the most commonly used butterfly valve products in engineering pipelines. Another commonly used type is the flange type butterfly valve, which we will introduce to you in the future. In addition, butterfly valves can also be connected by welding, clamping, threading, etc., but these are not commonly used in production pipelines. What is a wafer type valve?

What is a wafer type valve?

The wafer type valve is a widely used valve that can adapt to many different working environments and media by matching different valve materials and different driving forms. The wafer type valve is divided into soft-sealed and hard-sealed according to the sealing ring material.

The sealing performance of the soft-sealed wafer type valve is superior, but due to the limitations of the sealing material, it cannot be used in high temperature and high pressure pipelines. The sealing material of the hard-sealed wafer type valve is metal, which can have strong high temperature and pressure resistance, but the sealing performance is not particularly good. The main components of the wafer type valve material are:

  • Valve body: gray cast iron, ductile iron, cast steel, stainless steel, etc.

  • Butterfly plate: ductile iron, cast steel, stainless steel, etc.

  • Valve stem: usually stainless steel;

  • Valve seat: soft seal (EPDM rubber, nitrile rubber, PTFE, etc.), hard seal (hard alloy).

The driving modes of the wafer type valve include handle transmission, turbine drive, pneumatic drive, and electric drive. The first two handles and turbines belong to manual driving mode. Pneumatic and electric drives belong to automatic valves and are usually used in working environments where manual operation is impossible or somewhat dangerous.

Advantages of wafer type valves

Compared with other types of valves, the wafer type valve has a shorter structure length and is more compact, making it suitable for installation in a small space. What are the advantages of wafer type valves?

  • Convenient and quick opening and closing, labor-saving, and small fluid resistance, can be operated frequently;

  • Simple structure, small size, short structure length, small volume, and light weight;

  • The opening and closing torque is small. Since the two sides of the rotating shaft butterfly plate are basically equal due to the action of the medium, the directions of the generated torque are opposite, making opening and closing easier;

  • The sealing surface material generally uses rubber and plastic, and has good low pressure sealing performance;

  • Flexible and labor-saving operation, can choose manual, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic modes.

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