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Check Valves Flanged End

Check Valves Flanged End are used mostly to prevent the medium from flowing back in the piping system. Check valves only allow the medium to flow in one direction, and when the medium flows in, the disc of check valves swings off the seat to allow forward flow and when the flow stops, the disc swings back onto the seat to block reverse flow.

Different Types of Check Valves Flanged End

Check Valves Flanged End Technical Specifications

ClassNominal diameterUnitMain connection dimension
150Lb (2.0Mpa)2"50mm203152120.59216.34 - 19161
2-1/2"65mm216178139.510517.94 - 19175
3"80mm241190152.512719.54 - 19190
4"100mm292229190.515724.38 - 19203
5"125mm33025421618624.38 - 22229
6"150mm356279241.521625.98 - 22257
8"200mm495343298.5270298 - 22292
10"250mm62240636232430.612 - 25.4355
12"300mm69848343238132.212 - 25.4398
14"250mm787533476.541335.412 - 29460
16"400mm864597539.54703716 - 29495
18"450mm97863557853340.116 - 32520
20"500mm97869863558443.320 - 32590
24"600mm1295813749.569248.120 - 35650

Features and Benefits of Check Valves Flanged End

  1. protect pumps and other equipment from damage caused by backflow

  2. effective in preventing water hammer

  3. lower maintenance costs; fewer moving parts

  4. superior performance and reliability in a wide range of applications

Check Valves Flanged End Installation

Q Check Valves Flanged End Installation1

Check Valves are designed to prevent the medium in the pipeline from flowing back.

Q Check Valves Flanged End Installation2

Check valves rely on a pressure differential to work. Unlike other valves, they do not need a handle, lever, actuator, or human to correctly work.

Q Check Valves Flanged End Installation3

Check valves are one way valves. The disc of check valves swing off the seat to allow forward flow, and when pressure reaches zero, the valve shuts fully to prevent backflow. Check Valves are commonly installed in applications where backflow would cause an issue. As they are non return valves, they are a cheap, effective, and easy solution to solve a potential issue.

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