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ZHMSS-D1 DIN 3202 Swing Type Check Valves Flanged End

The stainless steel check valve is mainly used in chemicals, food and other industrial fields, mainly with anti-corrosion anti-rust, clean, high temperature, and other advantages. The price is relatively high.

The standard DIN face-to-face length of the swing check valve is DIN3202.

ZHMSS-D1 DIN 3202 Swing Type Check Valves Flanged End Dimensions


DIN 3202 Swing Type Check Valves Flanged End VS JIS 5K CHECK VALVE

1. Material:

Both DIN 3202 swing type check valves flanged end and JIS 5K swing type check valves flanged end material can be CI/DI/WCB/SS

2. Pressure:

DIN 3202 swing type check valves flanged End pressure is PN10/PN16. JIS 5K check valve pressure is 5K/10K/16K

3. Range of Applications (Difference):

Stardard: DIN 3202 PN10/16

Face to face: DIN 3202 F1

Connection flange type: Flange end

4. Installation (Similarity and Difference):

DIN and JIS check valves are applicable to different standard piping systems, but all are single flow, fixed with bolts to flange end. 

ZHMSS-D1 DIN 3202 Swing Type Check Valves Flanged End FAQs

Q 1. Can a Check Valve Cause Low Water Pressure?

No. A check valve only prevents backflow of the medium.

Q 2. What Are the Structural Characteristics of the Swing Check Valve?

(1) disc closes quickly and the impact force of closing the valve is small

(2)horizontal or vertical pipes can be used, easy to install

(3)the flow channel is unobstructed, and the fluid resistance is small

(4)sensitive action, good sealing performance

(5)long service life and high reliability

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