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Steel Pipes

Steel Pipes

Steel tubes are not only used for the transport of fluid and powdery solids, but also widely used in the manufacture of equipment structures and mechanical parts.  It can reduce the weight and realize the industrial and mechanized construction by using steel pipe to make the building structure grid, pillar and mechanical support. 

Types of Steel Pipes

Steel Pipes Applications

  1. Pipes for pipelines. Such as: water, gas pipe, oil transmission pipe, oil and gas trunk pipe.  Agricultural irrigation sprinkler irrigation pipe, etc.

  2. Pipes for thermal equipment. Such as general boiler locomotive furnace overheating water pipe, steam pipe and high temperature and pressure boiler pipe.

  3. Petroleum geology drilling pipe. Such as: oil drilling pipe, oil drilling pipe, oil pipe, oil casing and all kinds of pipe joints, geological drilling pipe, etc.

  4. Pipes for mechanical industry. Such as aviation structure tube, vehicle structure tube, etc.

  5. Tubes for chemical industry. Such as: petroleum cracking pipe, chemical equipment heat exchanger and pipe with pipe, chemical fertilizer with high pressure pipe and transport chemical medium with pipe.

  6. For other departments. Such as: container tube, instrument instrument tube, medical instrument tube and so on.

Materials Used by Steel Pipes


Carbon Steel material: A53-A, A106 Gr B, St37, etc.


Steels for low temperature service: A333, Gr.6, A333, Gr.3, St35N, etc.


Alloy Steel: A335 P5, A335 P9, A335 P11, etc.


Stainless steel: A312 TP304, A312 TP304L, A312 TP316L, 1.4301, etc.


Duplex Stainless Steel: A790 S31803, A790 2507, etc.

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Use Purposes of Steel Pipes


Civil pipe is divided into round pipe, rectangular pipe, flower pipe, generally used for decoration, construction, structure, and other aspects;  


 Industrial pipe: industrial pipe distribution, general pipe distribution (drinking water pipe), mechanical structure/fluid transfer pipe, boiler heat exchange pipe, food sanitation pipe, etc.