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ERW Pipe Galvanized

ERW Carbon Steel Pipe (electric resistance welding) is produced by welding strip of flat sheet metals.

That are formed, bent and prepared for welding. After that, making galvanization treatment to help prevent corrosion, rust, thereby extending the pipe life.  

Welded Steel Pipe is available in A53, BS1387 and API 5L specification. Welded carbons steel is the most cost effective solution for a high quality pipe with pressure integrity test.

ERW Pipe Galvanized Dimensions

Carbon Steel A53 GR.B Pipe Composition
Manufacturer and supplier of ASTM A53 Steel Pipes in Type E/ F and Type S

Type S (seamless)Type E (electric-resistance welded)Type F (furnace- welded pipe)
Grade AGrade BGrade AGrade BGrade A
Carbon max. %
Manganese %0.951.20.951.21.2
Phosphorous, max. %
Sulfur, max. %0.0450.0450.0450.0450.045
Copper, max.%
Nickel, max. %
Chromium, max. %
Molybdenum, max. %
Vanadium, max. %

ERW Pipe Galvanized Mechanical & Physical Properties

ASTM A53 Gr.b Carbon Steel Pipe Mechanical & Physical Properties
A53 Mechanical Properties

Grade AGrade BGrade C
Tenside strength, min, psi (MPa)48000(330)60000(415)
Yield strength, min, psi (MPa)30000(205)35000(240)
Tensile Requirements

Seamless and Electric-resistance-welded (ERW)
Grade AGrade B
Tensile Strength, min., psi48,00060,00045,000
Yield Strength, min., psi30,00035,00025,000

Application of ERW Pipe Galvanized

  • Oil and Gas field.

  • Water and other liquid transportation.

  • Steel structures.

ERW Pipe Galvanized FAQs

Q What Is The Difference Between LSAW Pipe And ERW Pipe?

The LSAW pipe diameter range is larger than ERW, normally from 16 inch to 60 inch, 406mm to 1500mm. Good performances on high pressure resistance, and low-temperature corrosion resistance same as well.

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