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Square and Rectanguilar Tubes

Rectangular/Square hollow section are formed from coils and then ran through a series of molds. They are are welded from the inside to form their shape. Steel hollow tube is easy to cut, weld, form and machine. Tube are designed and manufactured for mechanical and structural applications that do not require tight tolerances.

Steel Rectangular Tube Options

HeightWidthWall Thickness


11 GA
13 GA
14 GA
16 GA
18 GA
Length: According to Customer requirement.

Application of Square and Rectanguilar Tubes

  • Building construction/architecture

  • Automobiles and related equipment (trailers, etc.)

  • Industrial equipment

  • Solar panel frames

  • Home appliances

  • Aircraft/aerospace

  • Safety and deck rails

  • Truck beds

  • Agricultural equipment

Square and Rectanguilar Tubes FAQs

Q 1. What Is The Difference Between ASTM Hot Rolled & Cold Rolled Steel Tubing?

Hot rolled steel is a mill process that is performed at temperatures over 1,700°F. This process allows the steel to be easily shaped and formed into much larger sizes. Since it is processed without delays in manufacturing, hot rolled alloy square tube is less expensive than cold rolled options.

Cold rolling increases the yield strength and hardness of a metal by introducing defects into the metal's crystal structure. Cold Rolling is most often used to decrease the thickness of the plate and sheet metal in the manufacturing stage.

Q 2. Is Round Or Rectangular/Square Tube Stronger?

The round tube has a higher resistance to both flex and torsional twisting than rectangular/square tube for a given weight.

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