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PVC Ball Valve Flange Type

The PVC Ball Valve Flange Type is a valve made of PVC, is mainly used for turning on or cutting off the line of the medium, it can also be used for regulating and controlling fluid.

Advantages: light bodyweight, corrosion-resistance, compact structure and beautiful appearance, lightweight, easy to install body, corrosion-resistance, a wide range of applications, healthy non-toxic material, wear-resistant, easily disassembled, easy to maintain.

PVC Ball Valve Flange Type Dimensions


PVC Ball Valve Flange Type VS Stainless Steel Flanged Ball Valves

1. Material:

Pvc is one kind of plastic material,  it has plasticity and chemical resistance. Stainless Steel is one kind of Metal material.                           

2. Pressure (Similarity):

The Pvc ball valve flanged end pressure is PN10,Stainless steel ball valve pressure can be PN10/16/25/40/63.

3. Range of Applications (Difference):

Stardard: HG, JIS, DIN, ANSI

Face to face: HG, JIS, DIN, ANSI

Connection flange type: Flanged end.

4. Installation (Similarity):

PVC and stainless steel Flanged Ball Valve when connecting at both flange ends with pipelines, tighten the bolts evenly, in the pipeline should generally be installed horizontally.

PVC Ball Valve Flange Type FAQs

Q What is the Working Temperature of the PVC Ball Valve Flange Type?

-15℃ to 60℃

Q Compared with Ordinary Valves, What Are the Advantages of PVC Valve?

Due to the advantages of a lightweight, corrosion resistance, non-adsorption of scale, integrated connection with plastic pipes, and long service life of plastic valves, plastic valves are widely used in plastics for water supply (especially hot water and heating) and other industrial fluids. In the piping system, its application advantages are incomparable to other valves.

Q What Are the Characteristics of PVC Flanged Ball Valves?
  1. The product has low fluid resistance. The PVC ball valve can be said to be the smallest fluid resistance of all valves.

  2. The PVC valve body is light in weight and strong in corrosion resistance.

  3. The PVC ball valve has excellent corrosion resistance. Its sealing ring adopts F4 which has excellent corrosion resistance and prolonged service life.

  4. Flexible rotation and easy to use.

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