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GID-1 DIN PN10 Flanged Y Type Strainer

German standard Y-type Strainer is widely used in Hot oil systems, power plants, steam systems, water heating systems, heating and power plant, natural gas supply systems, water circulation systems, refrigeration systems, and other industries.

Application Standard of GID-1 DIN PN10 Flanged Y Type Strainer

  • Face to face length standard: DIN3202-F1

  • Flange Standard: DIN2531-2545

  • Shell pressure test: 1.5X PN

  • Under pressure: 10BAR

GID-1 DIN PN10 Flanged Y Type Strainer Dimensions


Flanged Y Type Strainer VS Threaded Type

1. Material:

The flanged Y type strainers material can be Gray Iron, Ductile Iron, Cast Steel, Stainless Steel.Threaded  type strainers material can be CF8,CF8M,CF3M

2. Pressure:

The pressure of the flanged Y-type strainer is Class125/150, PN6/PN10. The pressure of threaded type strainer is 200WOG/800WOG

3. Range of Applications (Difference):

Stardard: ANSI CLASS 125/150, DIN 3202 PN10/16,JIS 5K,10K

Face to face: ANSI CLASS 125/150, DIN 3202 F1

Connection flange type: Flange end

4. Installation (Similarity and Difference):

The pipe has the same function, but the connection method is different, flanged Y type strainer needs to be connected with the pipe by the bolt.

GID-1 DIN PN10 Flanged Y Type Strainer FAQs

Q Do Flanged Y Type Strainers Work Vertically or Horizontally?

The Flanged Y Type Strainer can be installed horizontally or vertically. But the direction of the inlet and outlet should be consistent with the direction of the arrow on the valve body.

Q How to Choose the Mesh Number of the Screen for a Flanged Y Type Strainer?

According to the requirements of the medium process, the particle size of impurities is mainly considered. Screen for the water supply pipe network is generally 18-30 mesh per square centimeter; Screen for the ventilation pipe network is generally 40-100 mesh per square centimeter; Screen for the oil supply pipe network is generally 100-150 mesh per square centimeter.

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