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GWA-1 WCB Body Flanged Y Type Strainer

WCB Body Flanged Y Type Strainer is an indispensable filtering device for the pipeline systems for transporting medium. Y- Strainer is usually mounted at the inlet end of the Pressure Reducing Valve, Pressure releasing valve, water set level valve, or other devices, used to remove impurities in the medium, and to protect the normal use of the valves and equipment. When the fluid enters the filter cartridge with a certain size of the filter screen, its impurities are blocked, and the clean filtrate is discharged from the filter outlet. When cleaning is required, as long as the removed filter cartridge is removed and re-mounted after treatment, so the use and maintenance are extremely convenient.

WCB Body Flanged Y Type Strainer is used in piping to remove the impurities from the transporting medium such as hot water, cold water, steam, compressed air, In particular, this Y-strainer should be installed before the circulating water pump in the boiler room

GWA-1 WCB Body Flanged Y Type Strainer Dimensions

150Lb (2.0Mpa)2"50203152120.792205164-19

WCB Body Flanged Y Type Strainer VS DI Body

1. Standard:

Both WCB body flanged Y type strainer and DI body flanged Y type are ASME, DIN, BS

2. Pressure:

Both WCB body flanged Y type strainer and DI body flanged Y type pressure are Class125/150, PN10/16

3. Range of Applications (Similarity):

Stardard: ANSI CLASS 125/150, DIN 3202 PN10/16

Face to face: ANSI CLASS 125/150, DIN 3202 F1

Connection flange type: Flange end

4. Installation (Similarity and Difference):

WCB and DI body flanged Y type Strainer is connected and operated in the same way, the WCB is suitable for harsher media.

GWA-1 WCB Body Flanged Y Type Strainer FAQs

Q How to Clean the Flanged Y Type Strainer?

When you clean the Flanged Y Type Strainer, firstly please close the valve in front of the filter, and then remove the valve cover to clean the debris attached to it, take out the filter screen, remove the debris, clean the filter screen, clean the valve body, assemble the filter and continue using it.

Q What is a Flanged Y Type Strainer Commonly Used For?

Flanged Y Type Strainer is widely used in Heating, Cooling, Ventilation systems, for water and agricultural purposes.

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