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GID-2 PN10/16 Italy Design Flanged Y Type Strainer

German standard Y-type Strainer is widely used in Hot oil systems, power plants, steam systems, water heating systems, heating and power plant, natural gas supply systems, water circulation systems, refrigeration systems, and other industries.

Application Standard of GID-2 PN10/16 Italy Design Flanged Y Type Strainer

  • Face to face length standard: DIN3202-F1

  • Flange Standard: DIN2531-2545

  • Shell pressure test: 1.5X PN

  • Under pressure: 10BAR/16BAR

GID-2 PN10/16 Italy Design Flanged Y Type Strainer Dimensions


Italy Design Flanged Y Type Strainer VS Din Design

1. Material:

Both Italy design flanged Y type strainer and DIN Y type strainer's material are Gray Iron,Ductile Iron,Cast steel,Stainless Steel.

2. Pressure:

Both the pressure of Italy design flanged Y type strainer's pressure is PN6/PN10

3. Range of Applications (Difference):

Standard: DIN2533

Face to face: DIN3202-F1

Connection flange type: Flange end

4. Installation (Similarity and Difference):

UNI and DIN Flanged Y Type Strainer need to be connected with the pipe end flange, UNI standard can only be connected to the Italian standard pipe, DIN standard is suitable for DIN standard pipe.

GID-2 PN10/16 Italy Design Flanged Y Type Strainer FAQs

Q How Long is the Warranty Period of Your Flanged Y Type Strainers?

Generally, the warranty period is one year.

Q How Often Should Y Strainers Be Cleaned?

This is determined according to the actual conditions of the working conditions. The method is to install a pressure gauge, A gauge, and B gauge, before and after the Y Strainer. When the Y Strainer is blocked by impurities in the medium, the reading of the A meter gradually increases, but the reading of the B meter gradually decreases. In general, when the pressure drop across a Y Strainer gets to about 5 or 6 psi differential, it's time to clean.

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