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ZMIO-D41 DIN3352 F4 Flanged Gate Valves

DIN3352 is the production standard of the German-labeled valve, which includes metal sealing valves and soft sealing valves.

F4 is the structural length of the German-labeled valve, which is included in the DIN3202 standard, and the corresponding is F5. In contrast, the F4 structure length is shorter than F5.

ZMIO-D41 DIN3352 F4 Flanged Gate Valves Dimensions

Dimensions in inches and millimetres

DIN3352 F4 Flanged Gate Valves VS F5

1. Material:

Both body material of DIN3352 F4 flanged gate valve and DIN3352 F5 flanged gate valve can cast iron and ductile iron, and both them can be metal seated and resilient seated.

2. Pressure:

Both DIN3352 F4 flanged gate valve and DIN3352 F5 flanged gate valve pressure can be PN10/16.

3. Range of Applications (Similarity and Difference):

Stardard:DIN 3352

Face to face:DIN 3202 F4/F5

Connection flange type:DIN2543,DIN2544,DIN2545,DIN2546

4. Installation (Similarity and Difference):

Checking the type of gate valve used F4/F5 before installation, consider that the face to face length should be consistent with the project design, all suitable for the DIN standard management system

ZMIO-D41 DIN3352 F4 Flanged Gate Valves FAQs

Q 1. What is the Function for Valves?

The primary purpose of a valve is to direct and control the flow of fluids by starting, stopping, and throttling (restricting) flow to make processing possible.

Q 2. Can Gate Valves Be Installed at End of Line?

Gate valves are not designed for end of line duty. We also recommend the use of a suitability-rated blanking flange for such applications.

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