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ZRIN-SC1 NRS Socket End Flanged Gate Valves

Socket weld Gate valve refers to a Gate valve with socket weld ends.

Simple welding is performed by inserting the pipe into the gate valve connection part for welding.

The connection form of welding is mainly used for small diameter valves and piping, fittings, and pipe welding. Small diameter pipeline is generally thin in wall thickness, edge dislocation and erosion, difficult to weld, is more suitable for socket weld. In addition, the socket weld port of plug and plug welding has a reinforcing effect, so it is also mostly used under high pressure.

ZRIN-SC1 NRS Socket End Flanged Gate Valves Dimensions


NRS Socket End Flanged Gate Valves VS Flanged End

1. Material:

Both NRS socket end flanged gate valves and flanged end gate valve's material can be CI/DI/WCB/SS

2. Pressure:

Both NRS socket end flanged gate valves and flanged end gate valve's pressure can be Class125/150, PN10/16,5K/10K/16K

3. Range of Applications (Similarity and Difference):


Face to face:BS, DIN, ANSI, AWWA, SABS

Connection flange type:Socket end

4. Installation (Difference):

NRS Socket End Flanged Gate Valves do not require bolting, they are sealed directly with the pipe end socket filled with rubber and can accommodate a range displacement and vibration of the pipeline.

ZRIN-SC1 NRS Socket End Flanged Gate Valves FAQs

Q 1. is It Ok to Leave a Gate Valve Partially Open or Close?

If you leave the gate valves partially open or partially closed, there are a view disadvantages to this as listed below:

(1)A ripple effect being sent through the water, causing a noise or vibration.

(2)Restriction of flow.

(3)More chance of catching dirt.

(4)More wear to the gate valve than usual.

Q 2. How Long is Lead Time for One Gate Valve Order?

Generally, the lead time is about one month for one order. However, if there is a deadline, please let us know in advance and we will try our best to meet.

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