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ZMIN-D41 Ductile Iron Body Flanged Gate Valves

American Water Works Association (AWWA), the US Water Industry Association, was established in 1881 and is an authoritative institution in safe water.

AWWA FLANGED GATE VALVE usually refers to a soft sealing gate valve, including two standards of AWWA C509 and AWWA C515.

ZMIN-D41 Ductile Iron Body Flanged Gate Valves Dimensions

Dimensions in inches and millimetres

AWWA Ductile Iron Body Flanged Gate Valves VS DIN

1. Material:

Both AWWA ductile iron body flanged gate valve and DIN ductile iron body flanged gate valve can be metal seated and resilient seated 

2. Pressure:

For AWWA ductile iron body gate valve pressure can be Class125/150, PN10/16,5K/10K/16K. For DIN ductile iron body gate valve pressure can be PN10/16.

3. Range of Applications (Difference):

Standard: AWWA C509, AWWA C515

Facing: RF,FF,RTJ

4. Installation (Similarity and Difference):

AWWA Ductile Iron Body Flanged Gate Valve is suitable for connecting in American standard pipe system, DIN standard for DIN standard;  But there is no difference in gate valve installation

ZMIN-D41 Ductile Iron Body Flanged Gate Valves FAQs

Q 1. What is a Gate Valve?

A gate valve consists of a valve body, seat and disc, a spindle, gland, and a wheel for operating the valve. It is the most common valve for the piping system.

Q 2. is the Gate Valve a Regulation Valve?

No, gate valves are generally used to shut off the fluid flow, they are used either in the fully closed or fully open positions.

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