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QSL2T-4 2PCS Ball Valve

The ball valve is composed of a valve body and a bonnet. It is called a two-piece type. The one-piece type is an integrated structure. The two-piece ball valve has improved the one-piece valve with less flow and is easy to leak. The gland is added to prevent leakage.

Nominal pressure: 1.6-6.4MPa

Applicable temperature range: -20~232℃~350℃

Applicable medium: water, oil, gas and some corrosive liquids (W, O, G)

Thread type: G·NPT.BSPT.BSP.DIN259/2999

QSL2T-4 2PC Ball Valve Dimensions


2PC Ball Valve VS 1PC

1. Material:

Both material of 2 pc ball valve &1pc ball valve can be CF8, CF8M, CF3M.

2. Pressure:

Both p[ressure of 2 pc ball valve &1pc ball valve  can be 200WOG, 800WOG, 1000WOG, 1500WOG, 2000WOG

3. Range of Applications (Similarity):

Stardard: ANSI, BS, DIN

Sealing Material: PTFE, R-PTFE

Connection type:Thread end

4. Installation (Difference):

2PC ball valve is composed of two parts, sealing performance is better than 1PC ball valve, easier to disassemble than 1PC ball valve.1PC ball valve is an integral ball, PTFE sealing ring, nut composition, are reduced bore.

QSL2T-4 2PC Ball Valve FAQs

Q What Is The Difference Between 2 Piece And 3 Piece Ball Valve?

Two piece ball valves consist of two separate pieces, with the connection between them being either threaded or a bolt and flange assembly. As you may have guessed, a 3 piece ball valve consists of three pieces, two end caps and a body.

Q What Is The End Connection For SS 2pc Ball Valve?


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