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Globe Valve NPT BSPT Threaded

A threaded globe valve refers to a valve in which the closing member/disc moves along the centerline of the valve seat. According to this movement form of the valve disc, the change of the valve seat port is proportional to the valve disc stroke. Because the opening or closing stroke of the valve stem of this kind of valve is relatively short, and it has a very reliable shut-off function, and because the change of the valve seat port is in a directly proportional relationship with the stroke of the valve disc, it is very suitable for flow adjustment. Therefore, this type of valve is very suitable for use as a shut-off or adjustment and throttling.

Globe Valve NPT/BSPT Threaded


Globe Valve NPT/BSPT Threaded VS Gate Valve Threaded

1. Material:

Both material of globe valve NPT/BSPT threaded and gate valve threaded end valve can be CF8, CF8M, CF3M.

2. Pressure:

Both pressure of globe valve NPT/BSPT threaded and gate valve threaded end end can be 200WOG, 800WOG, 1000WOG, 1500WOG, 2000WOG

3. Range of Applications (Similarity):

Stardard: ANSI, BS, DIN

Sealing Material: PTFE, R-PTFE

Connection type:Thread end

4. Installation (Difference):

GLOBE valve threaded installation should consider the flow of medium, the body has an arrow indicating;  Gate valves threaded do not consider medium flow.

Globe Valve NPT BSPT Threaded FAQs

Q Are Globe And Ball Valves The Same?

The main difference between these two types is the way they close. A globe valve uses a stem that closes against the flow, and a ball valve has a ball that closes across the flow. Globe valves are good for regulating flow, whereas ball valves are better for on/off control without pressure drop.

Q What Is The Size Available for GLOBE Valve NPT/BSPT Threaded?


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