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The full bore ball valve has a constant-width flow, that is, the size of the pores from inflow to outflow is the same, and its size cannot be less than the value specified by the standard, which is roughly equivalent to the nominal diameter of the specification. For example, the flow diameter of the DN50 full-bore ball valve also needs to be around DN50.

QSL2T-2 FULL BORE 2PC Ball Valve Dimensions


M/F 2PC Ball Valve VS F/F 2PC Ball Valve

1. Material:

Both material of MF 2PC ball valve & F/F 2PC ball valve can be CF8, CF8M, CF3M

2. Pressure:

Both material of MF 2PC ball valve & F/F 2PC ball valve can be 200WOG, 800WOG, 1000WOG, 1500WOG, 2000WOG

3. Range of Applications (Difference):

Stardard: ANSI, BS, DIN

Sealing Material: PTFE, R-PTFE

Connection type:One end is male thread, the other end is female thread

4. Installation (Similarity and Difference):

The connection method is the same, but the thread with which the pipe is connected is different.


Q What Is The Difference Between Reduced Bore And Full Bore Ball Valve ?

The major difference between a full bore valve and a reduced bore ball valve is as below:

For the full bore valve, the hole in the ball has the same internal diameter as the pipe, whereas a reduced bore valve has a smaller bore diameter than the internal diameter of the pipework it is on. For example, the bore size in a 4 inch full-port ball valve is 4 inch in internal bore, while the bore diameter in a reduced & standard ball valve is 3 inch in internal diameter.

Q What Is A Ball Valve?

Ball valves, as the name implies, are stop valves that use a ball to stop or start the flow of fluid. The ball performs the same function as the disk in the globe valve.

When the valve handle is operated to open the valve, the ball rotates to a point where the hole through the ball is in line with the valve body inlet and outlet.

When the valve is shut, which requires only a 90 degree rotation of the handwheel for most valves, the ball is rotated so the hole is perpendicular to the flow openings of the valve body, and flow is stopped.

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