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JMI-D2 DIN 3202-F1 PN10/16 Metal Seated Flanged Globe Valves

German standard flanged globe valves are used for nominal pressure PN16 ~ PN160, and suitable for industrial fluid medium temperature range from -29 ~ 350 ℃. The German standard globe valve is widely used in petrochemical, chemical fiber textile, plastic papermaking, power steel, printing and dyeing rubber, natural gas and other gas systems, and performance is safe and reliable. Its design and manufacturing standards is: DIN 3202

JMI-D2 DIN 3202-F1 PN10/16 Metal Seated Flanged Globe Valves Dimensions


DIN 3202-F1 PN10/16 Metal Seated Flanged Globe Valves VS DIN 3356 PN10/16 Globe Valves

1. Material:

Both DIN 3202-F1 PN10/16 Metal Seated Flanged Globe Valves and DIN 3356 PN10/16 Globe Valves's material can be CI/DI/WCB/SS

2. Pressure (Similarity):

Both of their pressure is PN10/PN16

3. Range of Applications (Difference):

Standard: DIN3202 F1

Face to face: DIN3202 F1, Flange drill according to DIN2501

Connection flange type: Flange end

4. Installation (Similarity):

DIN 3202-F1 PN10/16 Metal Seated Flanged Globe Valves is the same as DIN 3356 PN10/16

JMI-D2 DIN 3202-F1 PN10/16 Metal Seated Flanged Globe Valves FAQs

Q 1. What Are the Advantages of Globe Valves?

(1) The structure of the globe valve is simpler than that of the gate valve. 

It is more convenient to manufacture and maintain.

(2) The sealing surface is not easy to wear and scratch and the sealing performance is good. 

There is no relative sliding between the valve disc and the sealing surface of the valve body when opening and closing, so the wear and scratches are not serious, the sealing performance is good, and the service life is long.

Q 2. What Are the Disadvantages of Globe Valves?

(1)When the fluid resistance is large, the large force is required for opening and closing.

(2)It is not suitable for media with particles, high viscosity and easy to coke.

(3) High pressure drop

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