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Stainless Steel Foot Valve

Stainless steel foot valves prevent water from back flowing into the water source. They have higher corrosion resistance. As one of the most professional stainless steel foot valve suppliers, we provide high quality stainless steel foot valve.

Foot Valve Strainer Stainless Steel Features

  • Lever design for easier cleaning

  • Protect pump system 

  • Vertical installation only

  • Available in Stainless Steel material, a great application to food processing/ beverage systems

  • Working pressure: 14 Bar

  • Working Temperature: -20°C to 150°C

  • Working Medium: Water, Oil, Chemical

  • Stainless Steel Body

  • Flanged to JIS, ANSI standard

  • F. NPT Stainless Steel Foot Valve with stainless steel screen


A stainless steel foot valve is used at the inlet of a suction pump. There are flanged type and threaded type foot valve strainer stainless steel.

Stainless Steel Foot Valve Dimensions


Stainless Steel Foot Valve VS Di Foot Valve

1. Standard:

Both stainless steel foot valves and DI foot valves standard are ASME,DIN,BS

2. Pressure:

Both stainless steel foot valves and DI foot valves standard are Class125/150,PN10/16

3. Range of Applications (Similarity):

Stardard: NPT, BSPT, BS, 

Length: BS, ANSI

Connection :Thread connected

4. Installation (Similarity and Difference):

Foot valve stainless and DI foot valve all need to be installed in the pump inlet end; but the connection are different, stainless steel foot valve needs to be threaded connection.

Stainless Steel Foot Valve FAQs

Q Can a Pump Work Without Foot Valve Stainless?

Without a foot valve stainless, water would flow back out of your suction line when a pump is turned off. A foot valve helps to stop your pump from burning out by keeping it primed and is a very inexpensive way to do so.

Q What is the Material Available for SS Foot Valve Stainless?

The material of foot valve stainless is SS304, SS316.

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