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Brass Foot Valves

A foot valve is composed of the valve body, valve cover, valve disc, sealing ring, and gasket, etc. A foot valve is a type of check valve that is typically  installed at the bottom of Pump suction line, used to prevent water emptying from suction lines after shut down to prevent water backflow

Brass foot valve has the following characteristics

1. Manufacturing process is simple. As a general valve casting raw material, brass has low hardness. The operation steps for manufacturing brass valves are simpler than other types of valves such as stainless steel valves and bronze valves.

2. Low price, good mechanical properties, and brass is cheaper compared to other materials such as stainless steel, and because of the good sealing effect, it has been loved by people

3. The use pressure range is wide. The brass valve is the most widely used valve, not only suitable for medium and low pressure but also suitable for high pressure.

4. Excellent wearability

Brass Foot Valves Dimensions


Brass Foot Valves VS SS Foot Valves

1. Standard:

Both brass foot valves and ss foot valves standard are ASME, DIN, BS

2. Pressure:

Both foot valve and SS foot valve's pressure is Class125/150, PN10/16

3. Range of Applications (Similarity):

Standard: NPT, BSPT, BS,  DIN, JIS

Length: BS, ANSI, DIN, JIS

Connection: Thread connected

4. Installation (Similarity and Difference):

All are installed at the bottom of the underwater section of the pump, but brass foot valves provide greater wear resistance.

Brass Foot Valves FAQs

Q What is the Function for Foot Valves?

Foot valves allow the pump to stay primed, letting the liquid flow in, but keeping it from flowing back out. The screens or baskets that cover the valve opening tend to get clogged over time, especially in ponds and wells. Foot valves could prevent damage to water pumps that can occur due to dry runs, as well as stop wastage of energy. These valves are a necessary part of all water pumping systems.

Q How Long is the Warranty Time for Foot Valves?

Generally, our warranty time for foot valves is 12 months

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