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QSL3T-3 3PCS Ball Valve Socket-Welding

The three-piece low-temperature socket welding ball valve belongs to the three-piece low-temperature ball valve series. The valve body is composed of three sections. The two ends are socket welding connection surfaces. After special low-temperature treatment, the temperature resistance is -50 degrees and the pressure resistance can reach 7.0. MPA.

Engineering pressure: 7.0MPA 1000WOG

Operating temperature: -50 degrees to 230 degrees

QSL3T-3 3PC Ball Valve Socket-Welding Dimensions


3PC Ball Valve Socket-Welding VS Butt-welding

1. Material:

Both material of 3 pc ball valve socket-welding and butt-welding ball valve can be CF8,CF8M,CF3M.

2. Pressure:

Both pressure of 3 pc ball valve socket-welding and butt-welding can be 200WOG, 800WOG, 1000WOG, 1500WOG, 2000WOG

3. Range of Applications (Difference):

Stardard: ANSI, BS, DIN (similarity)

Sealing Material: PTFE, R-PTFE (similarity)

Connection type:Socket-Welding end

4. Installation (Difference):

3PC ball valve socket-welding is to extend the pipe into the valve body for welding, the strength of welding seam, stress state is better than socket welding type.

QSL3T-3 3PC Ball Valve Socket-Welding FAQs

Q What Are The Advantages Of Ball Valves?

Ball valves are generally the least expensive of any valve configuration and have low maintenance costs. In addition to quick, quarter turn on-off operation, ball valves are compact, require no lubrication, and give tight sealing with low torque.

Q What Are The Disadvantages Of Ball Valves?

Conventional ball valves have relatively poor throttling characteristics. In a throttling position, the partially exposed seat rapidly erodes because of the impingement of high velocity flow.

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