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Manual Butterfly Valve

Butterfly valve are driven in a variety of ways: lever-operated, gear operated, pheumatic actuator, chain operator, electric actuator. Both lever operated butterfly valve & gear-operated butterfly valves are manual butterfly valve. Manual means butterfly valve are driven by hands. Compared with pheumatic actuator, electric actuator, manual butterfly valve is simple-structure.

Manual Operated Butterfly Valve Vs Pheumatic Actuator Butterfly Valve

1. Material (Similarity):

Body: Grey Cast Iron; Ductile Cast Iron, Stainless Steel 304/316; Carbon Steel.

Disc: Ductile Cast Iron(Nickel-plated or Nylon coated); Stainless Steel 304/316; Aluminum Bronze.

Stem: Stainless Steel 410/416/304/316.

Seat: EPDM; BUNA-N; PTFE; Viton; Hypalon; Neoprene; Metal Seated.

2. Pressure (Similarity):

CLASS 125/150; PN10/16/25; 5K/10K/16K.

3. Range of Applications (Similarity):

API 609; BS5155; MSS SP-67/68; EN593

4. Installation (Similarity):

1), Space out the flanges in order that the valve can pass easily. The disc is in half-opened position

2)Do not fit gaskets between the flanges

3)With disc in half-opened position put all the bolts. Do not tight the nuts.

4)Open totally the valve to verify that the pipeline is lined up in the correct way. Tighten the nuts.

Manual Butterfly Valve FAQ

Q 1. What is Manual Butterfly Valve?

Manual is one kinds of driven way for butterfly valve,which includes lever butterfly valve and gear operated valve.

Q 2. What is the Advantages of Manual Butterfly Valve?

It is convenient to install for manual butterfly valve, and structure is simple, small volume and light weight.

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