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45° Elbow Black Paint Seamless Buttweld

45° elbows are pipe fittings and pipeline connections. Used in main trunk line and the branch pipe. For changing the direction of the pipe. The ways to connect with the pipe are direct welding (the most common way) flange connection, hot melt connection, electrofusion connection, threaded connection, and socket connection, etc.

45° Elbow Black Paint Seamless Buttweld Dimensions

1 1/4"42.22512"323.819034"964553
1 1/2"48.32914"355.622236"914565
2 1/2"734418"45728640"1016632
3 1/2"101.65722"55934344"1118695

45° Elbow Black Paint Seamless/Welded VS 90° Elbow

1. Standard (Similarity):

Both 45 ° elbow black paint seamless/weld and 90 ° elbow manufacture standard can be ASME B16.9,ASME B16.28,MSS SP-43,MSS SP-75 JIS B2311,DIN2605/2615/2616/2617,GOST 17375/17376/17378/17379,ISO

2 Wall Thickness (Similarity):

Both 45 ° elbow black paint seamless/weld and 90 ° elbow wall thickness can be SCH10/10S,SCH20/20S,STD,SCH40/40S,XS,SCH80,XXS ETC.(for ANSI),SGP(for JIS)

3. Range of Applications (Similarity):

Size: 1/2"-48"(DN15-DN1200), or even bigger

Finishing: Black, Vanish, Oiled, Galvanized.

Connection type: Butt Welding.

4. Installation (Similarity)

The 45°and 90°elbows are connected in the same way and are welded directly to the pipeline.

45° Elbow Black Paint Seamless Buttweld FAQs

Q What is a 45°Elbow?

A 45° elbow is the elbow which can change the flow direction in a 45 degree . As a joint, it is used between the two pipes which has this right angle.

Q What is a Seamless Butt Weld Fitting?

A seamless butt weld pipe fitting is made directly from a section of seamless pipe material, by applying heat and pressure to transform pipe directly into an elbow or other shape.

A seamless fitting has no welded parts by itself, a characteristic demanded in some critical applications.

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