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Return Black Paint Seamless Buttweld

The 180° Return elbow is a type of pipe fitting that can change the flow direction of liquid or gas in the pipe system. Purpose: Connect two pipes with the same or different nominal diameters to make a 180° turn of the pipeline

Return Black Paint Seamless Buttweld Dimensions

1 1/4"42.2957012"323.8914619
1 1/2"48.31148314"355.61067711
2 1/2"7319013218"4571372914
3 1/2"101.626718422"55916761118

Return Black Paint Seamless/Welded VS 45° Elbow

1. Standard (Similarity):

Both return black paint seamless/weld and 45 ° elbow manufacture standard can be ASME B16.9,ASME B16.28,MSS SP-43,MSS SP-75 JIS B2311,DIN2605/2615/2616/2617,GOST 17375/17376/17378/17379,ISO

2 Wall Thickness (Similarity):

Both return black paint seamless/weld and 45 ° elbow wall thickness can be SCH10/10S,SCH20/20S,STD,SCH40/40S,XS,SCH80,XXS ETC.(for ANSI),SGP(for JIS)

3. Range of Applications (Similarity):

Size: 1/2"-48"(DN15-DN1200), or even bigger

Finishing: Black, Vanish, Oiled, Galvanized.

Connection type: Butt Welding.

4. Installation (Similarity):

Return and 45°elbow fittings are directly butt-welded to the pipe end and connected to the pipe system.

Return Black Paint Seamless Buttweld FAQs

Q What is the Function of Return?

Return, also called 180°Elbow, helps change direction at 180 degrees since it usually results in low pressure. Its application is limited to minimal deposition and low turbulence systems.

Q What is Schedule 40, Sch80?

Schedule, often shortened as such, is a North American standard that refers to the wall thickness of a pipe or pipe fitting. Higher schedules mean thicker walls that can resist higher pressures.

Pipe standards define these wall thicknesses: SCH 5, 5S, 10, 10S, 20, 30, 40, 40S, 60, 80, 80S, 100, 120, 140, 160, STD, XS and XXS. (S following a number is for stainless steel. Sizes without an S are for carbon steel.)

Higher schedules are heavier, require more material, and are therefore more costly to make and install.

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