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Stub End Machined Buttweld

Stainless steel stub end is a punching method for turning over the outer edge of the rough forgings or semi-finished product. the edge is turned into a vertical edge along a certain curve. When the edge of the stub end is a straight line, the converted deformation is converted into a curved, so it can also be said that a bending method is a special form of stub end.

Stub End Machined Buttweld Dimensions

SizeO.DLong PatternShort PatternRG
1 1/4"43.641.410251564
1 1/2"49.947.510251673
2 1/2"75.372.2152648105
3 1/2"104100.81527610140

Stub End Machined Seamless/Welded VS Cap

1. Standard (Similarity):

Both stub end and cap manufacture standard can be ASME B16.9,ASME B16.28,MSS SP-43,MSS SP-75 JIS B2311,DIN2605/2615/2616/2617,GOST 17375/17376/17378/17379,ISO

2 Wall Thickness (Similarity):

Both stub end and cap wall thickness can be SCH10/10S, SCH20/the 20S, STD, SCH40/40S, XS, SCH80, XXS ETC.(for ANSI), SGP(for JIS)

3. Range of Applications (Similarity):

Size: 1/2"-48"(DN15-DN1200), or even bigger

Finishing: Polished, Pickled.

Connection type: Butt Welding

4. Installation (Difference):

One end of stub end is connected with a flange, and one end is butt welded with pipe, directly in contact with the medium.

Stub End Machined Buttweld FAQs

Q 1. What is a Stub End?

Stub ends are buttweld fittings that can be used (in combination with a lap joint flange) alternatively to welding neck flanges to make flanged connections. 

Q 2. Where Do We Use Stub Ends?

Stub ends are widely used in the petroleum, chemical, power, gas, metallurgy, shipbuilding, and construction industries. They are made from high-quality raw materials, and are available in a variety of sizes and designs.

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