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King Nipple Galvanized Seamless / Welded

Galvanized KC Nipple and seamless weld joint comprises two, the teeth and the threaded ends horses, and can be connected to the threaded end of the hose fittings are easy to use

King Nipple Galvanized Seamless / Welded Dimensions

1 1/4"42.43.2519.112.741.9140.43138.95293354332.531.211
1 1/2"48.33.519.112.747.80346.32444.84510235503937.310
2 1/2"76.13.7526.717.575.18473.70572.226150607264.5623525


King Nipple Galvanized VS Hose Mendor

1. Material (Similarity):

Both king nipple galvanized and hose mendor material are Carbon Steel.

2. Thickness (Similarity):

Both king nipple galvanized and hose mendor thickness are SCH40 if there is no special requirements.

3. Range of Applications (Similarity):

Standard: ANSI/ASTM A733, DIN 2982, BS 1387, JIS B2302

Size: 1/8"-6"(DN6-DN150)

Finishing: Black, Galvanized.

4. Installation (Difference):

The installation method is different, one end of the king nipple is connected with the hose, and the other end is connected with the female thread pipe.

King Nipple Galvanized Seamless/Welded FAQs

Q What is a King Nipple?

A King Nipple, also known as KC Nipple, is hose nipple fitting made from seamless steel pipe to connect hose. The King nipple makes the connection of the hose easier and the dis-assembly and replacement easier, which saves the cost of the hose connection greatly.

Q What is the Connection for a King Nipple?

For a king nipple, one side is hose barb end and the other side is thread end.

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